Suggested Reading Order

My books are interconnected, standalone novels. You can read each one as a separate story with a complete happily-ever-after ending. However, if you read them in chronological order, you will better appreciate surprise character appearances from past books. The characters from the different series are friends, neighbors, and family who keep popping up in each other’s lives. Read one. Read all. Enjoy.

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Was Happy Fake Wife, Happy Fake Life the first book of mine that you read? Three suggestions on where to go next:

  1. Start with Eight Years if you want to know more about Butch and Hawk. They got their starts in The Trident Trilogy (Eight Years, The Only Reason, and Wild Card.)
  2. Start with Truth or Tequila if you want more sports romance.
  3. Start with The Runaway Bride of Blitzen Bay if you want another small town romance.

Happy reading!

Chronological Reading Order:
Eight Years
The Only Reason
Wild Card
Truth or Tequila
The Runaway Bride of Blitzen Bay
Raine Out
No One Wants That
Leave It On The Field
Pretty Close To Perfect
Happy Fake Wife, Happy Fake Life

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