The Only Reason

A spicy and suspenseful Navy SEAL romance. Millie Marsh is a fiercely independent CIA agent. Mason Davis is a headstrong Navy SEAL. Join them for this second chapter of their story. When Millie takes the final step toward the answers she craves, will she be forced to choose between her head and her heart?

“This sequel absolutely exceeded expectations. I wasn’t sure which direction the story would go in but it hit all the marks! There was a lot of action, humor, love, and just pure emotion. It built on to the first book seamlessly and took quite a few shocking turns.” Amazon Review

Reality. Who needs it? Definitely not Millie. She’s had enough to last a lifetime. In the past six months, she finally found out who killed her mom and took out a terrorist network in the process.

Enough reality. It’s time for a little fantasy. And she’s definitely got the right man for that: Navy SEAL Mason—the alpha male with a tender side—who protected her from danger and healed her broken heart. Then he made a life-changing sacrifice just to be near her. Who could ask for anything more?

But two months into living in this blissful bubble, reality strikes again. Millie’s boss tells her a shocking secret. It’s news Millie has been wanting to hear for almost nine years. But is it the truth? Or is her boss only dangling this tantalizing tidbit to get her to take on another dangerous mission?

There’s only one way to find out—dive headfirst back into reality. But will this decision risk her relationship with Mason? Is she putting any chance she has of a happily-ever-after ending on hold to chase a ghost?

“A great book and a wonderful sequel to Eight Years! A few twists and turns that were unexpected. The characters were fully developed and I felt like I was right in the story. Finished it in a day because I couldn’t put it down!!!” Amazon Review

“Love, love, love. The story picks up with Mason and Millie’s story from Eight Years. It follows what happens next in their story and you learn more about Millie’s dad and why he did the things he did. The books are so fluid and the story lines flow so well. I read It in less than a day.” Amazon Review

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