Leave It On The Field

A spicy and swoon worthy sports romance. Professional baseball player Seb Miller and his new wife, Sophie, are blissfully happy. Stupidly happy. The kind of happy that makes other people jealous. So jealous in fact, that someone has started coming after Sophie on social media. It wasn’t much at first, but as Seb’s team heads into the World Series, the posts begin to reveal intimate details about their relationship that only someone very close to them would know.

“This book was like all my guilty pleasures combined together for the most utterly delicious read! I’m so hooked on this author and her fun stories. Easy, quick, pleasurable reads are exactly what I’ve been feeling this year and finding Donna Schwartze has been so much fun!! ” Amazon Review

When I met Seb, my life changed completely—mostly for the better. When we’re alone, it’s magical. He’s the most loving, attentive man in the world. Unfortunately part of being married to a famous man is having everyone in your business. It wasn’t too bad at first, but now there’s someone on social media telling the world about the most private parts of our lives. Everyone’s talking about it. And now I can’t go anywhere without being recognized. It’s exhausting, and honestly, I’m not sure how much longer I can take it.

For me, the worst part about being a professional athlete is the fame. Hands down. Nothing else even comes close. I’m a quiet guy. I’m even a little bit shy. The attention is overwhelming at times, but I deal with it because it’s part of my job description. But now my fame is affecting Sophie. People are starting to harass her. And that can’t happen. She’s more important to me than anything—baseball included. I’ve told her I’ll quit playing the second she tells me it’s too much—that very second. Even if it’s in the middle of the World Series.

“I’m usually skeptical when a second novel revisits a couple but this one hits it out of the park (pun intended). Sophie & Seb are so cute & their character development continues seamlessly. This book made me laugh out loud, sigh & even tear up. Do not miss it.” Amazon Review

“Thank you Amazon for recommending books by Donna Schwartze to readers of other romance writers, as I have thoroughly enjoyed all of her books. Leave it on the Field is my new favorite. Donna’s characters are well developed and well loved. This book had the perfect balance of suspense, romance, and camaraderie.” Amazon Review

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