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My debut novel, Eight Years, is now available on Amazon! Click on the preview below to read the first few chapters. Enjoy!

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For seventeen years, Millie’s life was perfect. Then her dad died, and she discovered the secret he never wanted her to know.

Enter Mason—the man tasked with helping her uncover the truth. She has to hide her ultimate goal from him, but from the first second they meet, he seems to have the disturbing ability to see right through her.

If he finds out what she’s up to, he could ruin everything. She knows she should run from him, but something keeps pulling her closer.

Can she give up knowing the truth to find her happily-ever-after? Or will she risk everything to find out who she really is?

“To be honest, for a first-time author, Donna Schwartze has written a fantastic book. The writing style is fantastic, swapping between different points of view to give us some of the backstories and drip-feed us more information. It is all effortless and doesn’t feel forced. There’s never any information overload and the characters are well written and you find yourself wanting to know more. After reading the first few chapters I was hooked and readily devoured the book with every spare minute I could find.”—Reedsy Discovery

“A steamy romance wrapped in an action-packed thriller. I didn’t want to put it down. I fell in love with the characters and the story was engaging. I loved all the action, but it was also sweet and endearing.” —Amazon Review

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