Raine Out

A steamy romantic comedy. It’s all fun and games until someone catches feelings.

A driven career woman who has no time for love. A professional baseball player who has no desire for commitment. But when they come together for their friends’ island wedding, the mesmerizing beach breezes have them wanting to find time for each other—if only for one steamy weekend.

“Another win! Kickass characters, witty banter, strong female lead and a great story that sucks you in and has you rooting for Raine and Alex before they even meet. Can’t wait for the next one in the series!” Amazon Review

“So funny! Butch is the character that I didn’t know I needed in my life! This book can definitely be read alone, but you’ll love it so much more if you read the Trident Trilogy and Truth or Tequila first.” Amazon Review

Truth or Tequila

A steamy romantic comedy about timing, temptation, and way too much tequila.

Seb’s the most famous baseball player in the world. Sophie’s not impressed. Game on.

“I absolutely LOVED the plot idea. It was fun. The characters were fun…Seb and Sophie are the CUTEST couple ever.” Goodreads Review

“Truth or Tequila has to be one of my favorite books I’ve read this year. The storyline holds your attention and the characters have you flipping pages!!!” Goodreads Review

“This book was just what I needed. A fun rom com, laugh out loud story with a little bit of everything. Sports romance, suspense, and a sweet love story.” Goodreads Review

The Runaway Bride of Blitzen Bay

A sweet and spirited romantic comedy.

“Blitzen Bay is a magical place with beautiful people. I loved all of the characters so much. I wish it was a movie or a series so we can dive deeper into each of their lives a little more.” Amazon Review

“This book is heartwarming, fun, humorous—just a magical little gem of a story.” Amazon Review

“Am I the only one wondering if Nash has a brother? Hopefully my age and single. What a beautiful book. Fast paced with heart-lifting dialogue. The natural witty banter is straight couple goals!” Goodreads Review

Eight Years, The Only Reason, Wild Card

A Navy SEAL protector romantic suspense series.

“High heat and nail-biting suspense!!!!! I was sucked into Millie and Mason’s world within minutes! Brilliant storyline and such likable characters that you can’t help but fall in love with! Mason is just the right amount of tough alpha hero and a soft squishy heart that just might have met his match in Millie! Outstanding read!” Amazon Review

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