Eight Years

A spicy and suspenseful Navy SEAL romance. Join fiercely independent CIA agent Millie Marsh as she navigates the treacherous roads that promise to uncover the secrets of her past. Headstrong Navy SEAL Mason Davis is assigned to help her along the way. From the beginning, they disagree on everything, but their constant clashes only stoke their undeniable chemistry. 

“High heat and nail-biting suspense!!!!! I was sucked into Millie and Mason’s world within minutes! Brilliant storyline and such likable characters that you can’t help but fall in love with! Mason is just the right amount of tough alpha hero and a soft squishy heart that just might have met his match in Millie! Outstanding read!” Amazon Review

Millie Marsh is the most annoyingly independent woman I’ve ever met. I was assigned to protect her on this mission, but I’m probably going to kill her myself before it’s over. I gave her a direct order today. She ignored it. Ignored it! I’m Mason Davis—the leader of one of the most feared SEAL teams in the country. No one has ever ignored my orders. Until now.

Every time she glares at me with those steely green eyes, my head feels like it’s going to explode. I want to throw her up against a wall and . . . well, that’s where it starts to get tricky because I’m not sure what I want to do once I get her there. Yell at her? Sure. Shake her into submission? Definitely. But despite her willful defiance of me, I also want to rip off her clothes and take her on the spot.

Why am I so turned on by this frustrating woman? Yeah, her butt looks amazing in those little cargo pants she’s always wearing, but it’s more than that. Underneath her tough exterior, I can sense a vulnerability—the sweetest sensuality that’s eager to expose itself to any man who will make it his life’s work to protect it. And God help me, I think I want to be that man.

“This book deserves so much more then 5 stars. I literally couldn’t stop turning the pages. I had to know all about Millie’s life, how everything was going to turn out. I went right on to the second book. Such a nice escape.” Goodreads Review

“Donna Schwartze is a new author for me, but this won’t be the last series of hers that I read. I was captivated from book one of the TRIDENT TRILOGY and read all three back to back. The storyline was amazing! It was action packed, the Romance was just right, the humor was wonderful, and you just want the story to keep on going, and not stop.” Amazon Review

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