Truth or Tequila

A spicy and spirited sports romance. Seb’s the most famous baseball player in the world. Sophie’s not impressed. Game on.

“This is the best book I’ve read in a really long time! It’s witty, it’s funny, it’s absolutely amazing. I love Sophie, she’s such a fire cracker and Seb is absolute perfection! HIGHLY recommend this book.” Amazon Review

When we graduated from college, my friends and I made a pact that we would only play Truth or Tequila five more times—at each of our bachelorette parties. Tonight’s number four and it couldn’t come at a worse time. I have a meeting with a new client tomorrow. I can’t be hungover. Unfortunately, I’ve never played this game without ending up that way. I’m already at a disadvantage with the client. It’s the professional baseball team in town. I’m not much of a sports fan. I don’t even know who the players are, but I guess I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Tonight, it seems that, once again, I’m destined for tequila and bad decisions.

Don’t get me wrong, I like being a professional athlete. I just wish it didn’t come with so much fame. People are always staring at me and tonight’s no exception. All eyes are on me as I walk into the bar—except for one pair. And they’re attached to a gorgeous woman. When she finally looks up from her phone, she catches me ogling her and rolls her eyes. I don’t think she has any idea who I am. Damn, that turns me on. I spend most of the night trying to figure out how to talk to her when suddenly she lands in my lap. She’s playing a drinking game with her friends and has to get me to kiss her to win. I want to kiss her—passionately—but not when she’s this flat-out drunk. I’d at least like her to remember our first kiss.

The Next Day
I’m painfully hungover. All I want to do is get done with this meeting, so I can go home and have my friends tell me about the guy I tried to drunkenly seduce last night. All I remember are his eyes—his soft, beautiful eyes. I’m on the field with my new client watching the players practice when the catcher jumps up from behind the plate and starts walking toward me. When he pulls up his mask, the eyes I’ve been thinking about all morning are staring at me. “Sophie?” he says as a smile starts curling at the corners of his mouth.

“I was hooked by Seb and Sophie immediately and couldn’t wait to see how things turned out for them. This was my first to read of Donna’s and I found her characters so endearing and her writing style effortless to read that I was hooked. I immediately got on an ordered “Raine Out” and “Leave it on the Field” and then signed up for Kindle Unlimited so I could read all of her others! I love how all of her characters intertwine through each book and you get little updates of them sprinkled throughout the other series. Highly recommend this rom-con and anything else by Donna!” Amazon Review


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