Raine Out

A spicy and hilarious opposites attract romantic comedy. Raine is a driven career woman who has no time for love. Alex is a professional baseball player who has no desire for commitment. But when they come together for their friends’ island wedding, the mesmerizing beach breezes have them wanting to find time for each other—if only for one steamy weekend.

“This is a laugh out loud, fun, and sexy second book in The Grand Slam series. It takes place at Seb and Sophie’s (Truth or Tequila) wedding. I’ve been waiting for Raine’s story and it is fantastic. Love all the cameo appearances from the characters in the Trident Trilogy and Alex…oh Alex!! Butch steals the show and I really hope he gets his own book. The banter between him and Raine will have you laughing out loud.” Amazon Review

I haven’t spent much time with Sophie since we were kids. When we started high school, we headed in different directions and never looked back. She invited me to her wedding this weekend. I don’t want to go because despite all our years apart, I know one thing hasn’t changed: her mission to find me the perfect man. I’ve told her I don’t have time for dating, but she never listens. I’m guessing she’s going to be pushing some guy at me the minute I get off the plane.

My teammate Seb’s getting married this weekend. I’m happy for him, but I can’t relate to it at all. He wants to spend the rest of his life with Sophie. I don’t even want to spend the rest of the night with the women who end up in my bed. I’m fine with that, but for some reason, Sophie’s not. Even with my best efforts to stop it, she’s been trying to find me love since the day we met. She told me one of her childhood friends is coming to the wedding, so I’m guessing that’s who I’ll be hiding from all weekend.

It’s all fun and games until someone catches feelings.

“Another win! Kickass characters, witty banter, strong female lead and a great story that sucks you in and has you rooting for Raine and Alex before they even meet. Can’t wait for the next one in the series!” Amazon Review

“No suprise here that I loved this book just as much as Truth And Tequila and may have even loved these characters just as much! I absolutely adored Alex and Raines love story. Neither one of them are really looking for love but without even trying they found it in each other. We even see characters from the first book which was really exciting. And Butch, I didn’t know I needed him in my life. If you like opposites attract then pick this one up!.” Amazon Review

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