Bonus Material

Click on each book cover to receive a bonus epilogue for that book. SPOILER ALERT – Don’t read the bonus epilogues until you’ve finished reading the books.


By far, the most popular request from my readers is to hear more about their favorite characters from my books—the back stories, what happens after the book ends, even what the characters do in a normal week. Patreon provides you with new chapters featuring your favorite characters from my published books, sneak peeks of new books, and an opportunity to play an active role in my writing career. Check it out!

Examples of extra chapters:

  • See Butch as a girl dad.
  • Watch Seb and Sophie negotiate the next stage of their lives.
  • Spend summers with the entire crew in Blitzen Bay.
  • Watch Mo and the other kids grow up and maybe one day even date each other.
  • Go on missions with Millie, Mason, Raine, Butch, and the SEAL team from The Trident Trilogy.
  • Learn the back stories of Mack, Sam, and other beloved characters.