My Books

My books are interconnected, standalone novels. You can read each one as a separate story with a complete happily-ever-after ending. However, if you read them in the order illustrated in the table below, you will better appreciate surprise character appearances from past books. The characters from the different series are friends, neighbors, and family who keep popping up in each other’s lives. Read one. Read all. Enjoy.

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Happy reading!

The Grand Slam Series

A spicy sports romance series featuring smoking hot alpha baseball players trying to land women who don’t find famous men attractive at all. These novels feature tantalizing slow burns that melt into happily-ever-after endings.

The Blitzen Bay Series

These romantic comedies take place in the charming, small town of Blitzen Bay. They feature tender alpha males pursuing strong women while dealing with adorable meddling from the animated citizens of this idyllic mountain town. (Note: The Runaway Bride of Blitzen Bay is sweet/clean. The other two are spicy.)

The Trident Trilogy

Join fiercely independent CIA agent Millie Marsh as she navigates the treacherous roads that promise to uncover the secrets of her past. Headstrong Navy SEAL Mason Davis is assigned to help her along the way. From the beginning, they disagree on everything, but their constant clashes only stoke their undeniable chemistry. 

My books are available on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited.