Feed Your Senses To Get Some Peace

(April 27, 2018) Are you feeling a bit agitated, but don’t have time for a full unwind? Feed your senses for 30 seconds to get some peace until you can make time to fully decompress.


Focus on something beautiful for 30 seconds. I live by the beach, so 30 seconds of looking at the ocean brings me right back to a peaceful place. But, you can find beauty anywhere. Look at flowers, trees, beautiful clothes, your favorite colors, etc. Pull something up on your phone if you can’t find beauty right around you. I look at pictures of my dog if I don’t have something beautiful in my physical presence.

dog walking on miramar beach in santa barbara at sunset


I listen to the ocean to get some peace. If you like that sound, you can pull that up on your phone or listen to your favorite music or put on noise-cancelling headphones and listen to silence. Remember, this is just for 30 seconds. Just to adjust your mind to a better channel. If you want to listen to a peaceful voice, tune into a meditation app for a few seconds. I like Headspace.


Touch is such a strong sense that people don’t use enough. Petting my dog calms me down in a flash. If you don’t have a dog around, think about the textures you always have to touch when you pass them in the store and then keep something like that around you. For me, it’s soft blankets. This is my favorite blanket. It’s fuzzy, soft and so cozy, and comes in 10+ colors.

bichon frise dog cuddled in blanket


Keep something to snack on in your bag that delights your senses. The taste, the smell. Let’s be real. For most of us, including me, it’s chocolate. I always have a few dark chocolate Dove hearts in my bag. It’s a wonderful, calming indulgence, and an easy way to get some peace.


For me, smell is my strongest sense. I love the smells of oranges, lilacs and lavender. If there is a heaven, please let it smell like that. We have orange trees in the neighborhood. When they’re in bloom, I almost bliss out when I take a walk. Keep your favorite smell around you. Perfume or plants or essential oils. Just one whiff and your mind resets. My favorite scents in perfume form are Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom and Skylar’s Meadow.

skylar perfume bottle meadow

The Sixth Sense

Intuition. We all have it, ladies. We know what or who is causing our agitation. Get rid of it or them. Even if it’s just for 30 seconds. Walk away and enjoy a little bit of peace.

My Parisian friend has a trick. She loves silk. She carries or wears a silk scarf in her favorite colors spritzed with her favorite perfume. Touch, sight and smell all in one. She’s a genius.

Go out there today and get some peace!

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