How To Calm Yourself Down

(May 17, 2018) Do you ever feel like you’re spinning too fast and everything you try to calm yourself down just makes you spin faster? Sometimes the only thing that works is shutting yourself down completely for as long as it takes to reset your mind.

That’s not an easy thing to do, especially when you’re busy. It’s like when your computer’s not working and you call the IT person and they say, “Have you tried turning it off?,” and that’s the last thing you want to do because you have a zillion programs open and absolutely no time to reboot.

I always think I know better and that it can’t be that simple. So, I’m going to bang on the keyboard for awhile and talk smack to the computer. Then, begrudgingly, I’m going to turn it off, and voila, it works again. Sometimes it is that simple. When things aren’t working correctly, we just need to shut them off and then restart them.

Today is definitely one of those days, only it’s not the computer that isn’t functioning correctly, it’s me. I have so much to get done before a week of traveling. My mind is freezing up and not functioning correctly. There are too many windows open and I just need to shut down for a minute to reset.

But, like with the computer, I’ve tried things that I know won’t work and it’s made it worse. I’ve had way too much caffeine and when that didn’t work, I tried sugar. This is what that has done for me. I’ve seriously tripped over my own feet not once, but three times today. I’ve hit my elbow twice against my desk. Basically, my solutions have made me way more hyper and much more likely to trip for the fourth time. Definitely not a good technique to calm yourself down.

So, much against my will, I shut myself down for a few minutes. And, like the computer, when I started back up again, I was working perfectly. Sometimes it’s the only thing that works.

Quote on peace from Marianne Williamson

When I say shut down, it’s not taking a walk or distracting myself with something else, it’s totally shutting down and resting. I sit for about 10 minutes in a completely quiet place with my eyes closed. Like the computer, you need to go completely dark for a few minutes to fully reset. I don’t even actively meditate. Just shut down.

I have a home office, so it’s easier to do, but even when I worked in a public office, I found ways to do this. If your car is close, go sit in your car for a bit with your eyes closed. No music. No distraction. Just sit. I’ve had people tell me they’ve gone into bathroom stalls and just sat in there for awhile to be alone and quiet. I haven’t tried that, but it sounds brilliant. Both great escapes to calm yourself down.

If you’re not fully malfunctioning like I was and just need a little pick-me-up, try Easy Ways To Change Your Mood and Feed Your Senses To Get Some Peace.

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